Memory Lane: ‘Turok, Son of Stone’

Turok: Son of Stone Covers

Yesterday Elder Mike reminded me of one of my favorite comics that I used to read when I was a boy–Turok, Son of Stone. For 10 cents a pop, you could follow the adventures of two Native Americans, Turok and Andar, in a lost world of prehistoric monsters and cavemen. The first issue came out in 1954.

I remember reading these on Grandma’s porch, enthralled, my imagination vividly responding to the pictures. Turok and Andar blundered into this place and couldn’t find their way out, so they had to learn a lot of new survival skills in a hurry. They called the dinosaurs “honkers,” for the noises they made. My favorite was “Ruuuuunk!”

All right, it was all a bit corny, but you don’t see that when you’re nine or ten years old. I just saw the dinosaurs–and wished we had some in the woods next to my house.  To this day I’m fascinated by dinosaurs. I don’t read comic books anymore, but I might break that rule if someone handed me a stack of Turoks.

Imagination! What would life be like without it?

I hope I never find out.

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  1. I don’t remember this. I guess by 1954 I wasn’t reading comic books any more. I would have been in 9th grade by then (last year of junior high, equivalent of freshman in high school).

  2. I got my supply of Turok and Andar comic books, plus, the Flash, Superman, and numerous others from my uncle Bill. He was a farmer who worked very hard, but he loved to read comic books. And every time our family would visit, he would always give me and my brother a stack of comic books. If someone handed me a stack of Turok and Andar’s, yes, I would read them. And like you, I was also fascinated by dinosaurs.

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