‘We Don’t Teach Critical Race Theory’: Not True!

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Democrat candidate Terry McAwful: “Parents shouldn’t tell our schools what to teach.” They should just keep paying for it.

Do Virginia’s public schools teach the boiling-over racism called “Critical Race Theory”? It’s one of the hottest topics in this year’s Virginia gubernatorial election, and it’s been a hot topic for months.

“Educators” have been denying that they teach this; but it is listed as an important “resource” on the Virginia Dept. of Education website. You can see for yourself at https://www.doe.virginia.gov/administrators/superintendents_memos/2019/index.shtml . Click the link and scroll way down to Memo 050-19, posted on Feb. 22, 2019; then open that link and scroll to the last page–and there it is. “Foundations of Critical Race Theory on Education.” CRT “teaches” that all white people are born racists, yatta-yatta.

And on the next-to-last page we find another “resource”–“White Fragility,” the teaching that any response but abject submission constitutes white racism: you’re not allowed to deny your inborn racism.

Both are included in “Resources to Support Students and Community Dialogues on Racism.”

So yes, they are teaching CRT, they are teaching white kids that they are inherently evil no-good racists, and teaching black kids that they’re just poor saps oppressed by whites, and doing everything they can to stir up racial fear and hatred.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Critical Race Theory and it’s being “taught” to the children in your public schools. Democrats put it there. And you pay for it.

This election offers a hope of putting a stop to it–but not if you elect more Democrats.

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