‘God Bless America’–with John Wayne

John Wayne God Bless America

“Thewhiterabbit” sent us this video, which I hope displays here somehow. It comes as an antidote to the last post, which turned my stomach.

Imagine a bunch of Hollywood celebrities today getting together to sing God Bless America. If you can, you have a more powerful imagination than this fantasy writer and you ought to be writing fantasy novels.

Some of you won’t be old enough to recognize some of these celebs. They’re mostly from the 1970s, when “whiterabbit” and I were in our 20s. I recognized most of them.

If today’s Hollywood crowd tried to do this, they’d probably collapse in violent spasms and cry out in foreign languages.

But God knows we need His blessing.

5 comments on “‘God Bless America’–with John Wayne

  1. Wow, that was absolutely tremendous! And yes, I recognized almost all the celebrities. Let’s see, if the show was produced in 1970, I was just about to turn 29 (Dec 70) — and just about to join the Air Force (Oct 70).

  2. That is a wonderful rendition from some of the top Hollywood stars of the day. I remember everyone of them. William Shatner is still with us, but I think most of the others have passed away. These people were from almost every kind of entertainment; which entertainment in that day still had a bit of reverence for things holy, for God, and for America. I also believe that most of those that sang that song, probably believed what they were singing (probably not Tom Smothers), or at least acted like they did.

    I think it would be almost impossible today, to find the same kind of diverse, well known, group of entertainers who believed, what that well-loved, and for the most part respected group from the clip of the TV variety show, hosted by John Wayne, who were celebrating America’s history.

  3. Wow, that was a great version. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that, even though I remember the show.

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