A Spider Who’s Afraid of Spiders

[Editor’s Note: Only the first 17 seconds of this video pertain to this topic. I don’t vouch for any of the rest.]

I’m rather fond of those little striped jumping spiders, “zebra spiders.” They’re about a quarter of an inch long.

Watch this. Confronted by an unfamiliar object, the spider first pauses to look it over, then ventures closer, and when nothing bad happens, explores it. Note that jumping spiders see much better than other spiders. When they see you coming, they will try to hide.

And… does this spider display curiosity? I think he does; and curiosity suggests the presence of a mind. Has God the Creator endowed even this tiny spider with a mind?

Now watch what happens when the smooth pebble is replaced by a giant spider model. How fast can you say “I’m outta here!”?


5 comments on “A Spider Who’s Afraid of Spiders

  1. Animals are created with souls, just not spirits. I’m sure spiders are like other creatures. We don’t communicate with them, but in their limited ways, they must do some thinking.

  2. Webs large enough to capture hawks…that’s nothing, here in the Philippines we have spider webs large enough to capture a Boeing 747.

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