Hear It, Heed It: Psalm 73

My daily Bible reading yesterday brought me to Psalm 73, and it went straight to my heart. I hope it stays there.

God help us! How often do we envy the prosperity of the wicked? They’ve got it made! Who restrains them from evil? Why do they never seem to get punished, no matter what they do?

Ah. But God’s gonna cut them down. Meanwhile He is with us, He hears our prayers, He has prepared a place for us. But the wicked and the ungodly “whose eyes stand out for fatness” will have no place in His Kingdom. Their riches won’t save them. They can’t mandate their way out of Hell. They can’t buy off the Righteous Judge.

God has not forgotten us.

6 comments on “Hear It, Heed It: Psalm 73

  1. Amen. He is forever faithful, and it is my prayer that I be found faithful in every way I can be to do the things that please HIM.

  2. “Ah. But God’s gonna cut them down.” That reminded me of Johnny Cash’s song.
    Johnny Cash- God’s Gonna Cut You Down (lyrics) – YouTube
    For our family devotions, we have been reading through the New Testament, and when we get done we will do it again. But do read other portions at times. Yeah, today we will read Psalm 73.

  3. I wish we knew about that Asaph brother, How cool to walk around in Heaven knowing you had a part in writing the Holy Bible. I like to think of the promise of God that says the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just.

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