‘The New Killer! “Religious Trauma Syndrome”‘ (2018)

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“Scientists,” when they’re not fudging figures for Climbit Change, love to hatch out theories that boil down to “Religion makes you crazy!” Like this one:

The New Killer! ‘Religious Trauma Syndrome’

“Religions are controlling!” What–you mean the Democrat Party isn’t? College isn’t? Cancel culture isn’t? Vaccine “mandates” aren’t?

But that’s okay! You can be an atheist! You can worship Science!

O Lord our God, you see what we’re up against. Give us strength, Lord, give us strength.

3 comments on “‘The New Killer! “Religious Trauma Syndrome”‘ (2018)

  1. Father God, these poor fools have no idea what they are getting themselves into. Satan’s followers are in for a horrible shock unless they turn and see the truth. Please shine the light of truth to all who will ever see and turn from this dangerous path.

  2. Jesus said the world hates Him so it will also hate us. We have the Holy Word of God that is infallible that reveals His laws, ways, precepts, etc., and they are absolute. The world says Humanism in its many forms is the guiding light (actually darkness). Are we in a battle? Yes, were are, a spiritual one in which the weapons of our warfare are more powerful than the world’s. They may kill the body but they cannot kill the soul.

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