‘How to Wreck What’s Left Of Our Civilization’ (2018)

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Holy cow, what could be easier?

Just erase the countries’ borders! You’ll have Gehenna in no time!

How to Wreck What’s Left of Our Civilization

Of course, if we’re gonna have no countries, then we’ve gotta have [trumpet fanfare]… world government! Won’t that be great?

Waddaya mean, it can’t work? You must be a biggit hater racist! Why, The Smartest People In The World want global government–and they’ve even volunteered to be in charge of it!

That kind of selflessness deserves an appropriate reward.

9 comments on “‘How to Wreck What’s Left Of Our Civilization’ (2018)

  1. “This is My Father’s World” and He did not allow the one world that Nimrod was building. He separated and scattered the people, changed their languages and He knows what works best in HIS world

    1. Wow–almost 10:30 out here in Jerseyland–and would you believe your comment is the first we’ve had all day? Somehow that always seems to happen after a comment contest.

  2. I’m working so hard at catching up on things I couldn’t get done this weekend that I haven’t had time to comment much anywhere. And I also haven’t been feeling well. But I’ll be baaaaaack….

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