Governed by… Laurel and Hardy?

The sea that is full of garbage is on the beach.

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip]

Some of us have visited beaches that were ankle-deep in trash. Oh, boy, hospital waste! Wow, look at all the cigarette butts and plastic bottles!

Well, they had a beach like that in Denmark this summer, so the town hired a bulldozer to scrape it all up… so it could be picked off the sand… and dumped back into the water! Cost of beautification project: $150,000 (U.S.).

Gee, that’s exactly how Laurel and Hardy would’ve done it.

The town’s mayor says the tourists like a nice, clean beach. So you transport the garbage a little ways offshore and dump it into water that’s just a few yards deep. The beauty of it is, it’ll all wash back onto the beach and then you can spend another $150,000 to hire your brother-in-law’s bulldozer to scrape it up again. Repeat as needed!

Fill in the blank and win a tin-foil hat!

I think the whole world should be ruled by one central government because __________.

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  1. everyone of earth has surrendered to the devil that hates mankind made in God’s image.” Praise God for the Holy Spirit that quickens us to believe in Christ and become born-again and at war with the devil and his cohorts.

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