‘The Exhausted Majority’ (2018)

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They used to be called “the silent majority”–but now we know that was only because the fat cats refused to listen to them.

Normal people are just worn out with being perpetually pelted by the 8% of the country that calls itself “progressive.” Progressive as in “a tumor.”

The Exhausted Majority

You can’t watch a sporting even without being nagged by Far Left Crazy–and our school boards are just a step or two away from hunting us down with dogs.

Unlike us, fanatics never take time off. They won’t stop until they get their way. As Martin Luther once said, “Those who believe the most protect the most.”

If the American people could wholly devote a single year to wiping out leftism, they’d finish the job with time to spare.


5 comments on “‘The Exhausted Majority’ (2018)

  1. Your remarks are very astute, and I think we are in for a very rocky ride until/ or unless, we can get a handle on this.

  2. We have had a fierce wind here all night, and a portion of the roof on the house blew off. Now, another crisis to try to contain. The roof is only a little over a year old. Wow! Always a new problem!

  3. I sure hope so, too. The winter is fast approaching, and there will be serious need for a good roof.

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