You Can’t Call Children “Children” Anymore?


Leftid morons are playing havoc with our language. Well, of course: they don’t want us able to communicate with one another.

Some college pinhead yesterday said we shouldn’t call children “children” anymore, it’s something-ist, we should call them “little people.” I thought that meant leprechauns. Or have dwarfs claimed that label for themselves?

And of course we’re not supposed to say “boys and girls” anymore because that is definitely Trans-Phobic and Binary and will make hair grow on your palms. Reality is just so IST!

This is what we’re getting for our “higher education” dollars.

Is it worth it, do you think?

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  1. When did using the appropriate noun become an insult? I am a man, and calling me a man is not an insult. I am primarily of Scandinavian descent, and calling me a Scandinavian is not an insult. I am also partly of Asian descent and if you were to refer to me as Asian, I would not feel insulted in any way.

    Now, I fully understand that there are people out there that fit the actual definition of racism and believe that all people of certain ethnicities are lazy, or drunks, or whatever, but that is a relatively small fraction of the overall population and IMO, such persons are hardly indicative of society at large. (I had a distant relative {long since deceased} that was like that and most of us just ignored and/or avoided him.) We can’t change people’s hearts, and if some individual hates a certain group, that’s not something we can change. The good news is that such thinking has declined over my lifespan and, while it was fairly common to hear such attitudes expressed when I was a child, I very rarely hear such things expressed these days.

    Getting back to the matter of children; well, there are children. Children, especially younger children, are inexperienced and not necessarily ready to make important life decisions. A minor cannot sign a contract, for instance, without parental concurrence. They are bound by their parent’s decisions until the age of majority. There have been very rare instances of children divorcing their parents, including one where the parents were irresponsible drug abusers and their teen-aged son wanted nothing to do with their folly. I recall a schoolmate whose parents had been killed in an accident and he became an emancipated minor at the age of 17, so there are exceptions, but they are rare.

    Children should be somewhat protected until they are sufficiently mature to make decisions which can impact their lives. One example of this would be age of consent laws, which are designed to protect youngsters from being sexually exploited by adults. Such laws are useful and serve to protect society as a whole.

    Getting rid of the designation of children strikes me as wrong minded. The term “child” is a useful, necessary designation. If I see a three year old walking down the street alone, I know that there is something wrong. Children get special treatment, because they require special treatment. Some years ago, I saw a young boy, perhaps 8 or 9, that was obviously troubled, standing next to the road. It turns out that his brother had walked down an embankment and was unable to get back up. All I had to do was ask if they needed help, and advise the boy at the bottom of the hill of how to remedy the problem and I was able to resolve it. (For the record, I would have stopped to help an adult in trouble, but in this case the problem was caused by the fact that these kids were inexperienced and needed just a little guidance to solve a simple problem. It was a “kid problem” but without an adult to help them out, it may have become more serious.)

    I’m beginning to think that the people promulgating such nonsense are mostly just looking for attention and their 15 minutes of fame. Say something outrageous and just maybe, someone will pay attention. If you are really lucky, you might get a ride in the talk show circuit.

  2. It is not worth a single penny. One of the great blessings in my life is that I did NOT send my favorite grandson to college as I had once planned. As it is, he is now 37 in a few days, highly successful in his
    career, a property owner, married to a wonderful young lady and father of an adorable 16 month old son. He actually attended a college for a short time, left and came home, saying he wanted no part of that. Praise God.

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