Cashing In! Pelosi Buys $25 Million Mansion–in Florida


Gubbermint been bery, bery good to me!  –Nancy Pelosi (and every other Democrat)

Avast, you peasants! Make way for Madame Nancy Pelosi, America’s answer to Marie Antoinette!

The Squeaker of the House has just laid down $25 million for a mansion in Florida. Will she keep her digs in California, or sell those off and move permanently to Florida?

Is it too late for Floridians to get up a petition to keep her out?

Look at this place. Man, being The Party Of The Little Guy is good business! Just look at all of ’em. Obama’s pad on Martha’s Vineyard. Algore using more electricity for his own house than is used by whole towns. John Kerry’s yacht that he sold in New Zealand to avoid the U.S. taxes. Hoot, mon, it’s a living!

Our ruling class… just another mass of parasites.

10 comments on “Cashing In! Pelosi Buys $25 Million Mansion–in Florida

  1. These people should read and meditate on: Psalm 62:9 ” men of low degree are a vapor, but men of high degree are a sham (lie).” In the end, they are worth nothing. Place them on a balance scale; they go up, both together are less than nothing” And that is the way I think of it. They who have made piles of money will take not one red cent with them, and based on the brevity of this fleshly life, what a waste of time, effort and concern.

    1. They’ll vote for term limits when I’m elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.
      PS–After all she and her friends have done to it, she doesn’t want to live in California?

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