18 Ships Stuck in Ice

So much for Climbit Chainge and Global Warming: an early Arctic ocean freeze has trapped 18 ships in ice off the coast of Russia, in five different locations (https://legalinsurrection.com/2021/11/arctic-sea-freezes-early-trapping-18-ships-in-ice-near-russia/).

Solar activity is down, as happens naturally from time to time, leading to cooler temperatures here on earth. This is not something that governments, no matter how much power they grab at our expense, can do anything about. Your SUVs and your use of toilet paper don’t affect what happens on the sun.

King Canute the Great once stood on the beach and commanded the tide not to come in. It didn’t listen. He did this to demonstrate the limitations of his kingly power.

Nowadays John Kerry gives climate-change speeches to expand those limitations; but the tide is still not listening.

Nevertheless, libs and statists worldwide keep trying to enslave us based on their ridiculous promises to protect us from bad weather. They’ve had more success at this when they scare us all with COVID stories. The goal is total domination.

Nature isn’t listening. And why should we?

5 comments on “18 Ships Stuck in Ice

  1. They’ll just blame the early ice on climbit change, you know. That’s why they switched from globble warming to climbit change, to accommodate any kind of weather.

  2. They can babble on all they want, and it will just be more noise. The ONE and only one who controls these things on earth will continue and these babblers will just look sillier and sillier. They remind me of kindergartners yammering on the playground.

  3. Obama and Pelosi have recently purchased mansions tight on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean – doesn’t seem like they are too concerned about rising tides. The earth hasn’t warmed in decades. God controls the climate and He declared there will be summer and winter until the end of the age. Christians who doubt this bug me as much as those who say evolution is how God really created the universe.

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