‘Stop the Lousy Writing, Please!’ (2015)

In the 1970s and 80s, a fad for horror swept the world of publishing. Readers wanted horror, couldn’t get enough of it. I got four books published, horror novels.

They couldn’t meet the demand, so y’know what they did? They published anything that they could get away with calling “horror.” Including a multitude of really bad books, written by wooden effigies, the kind of thing that makes a reader curse out loud and kick the book across the room… And suddenly no one was buying horror anymore.

Stop the Lousy Writing, Please!

I thought you might enjoy the comments on this post, which are many.

But sheesh! It’s hard enough getting people to read, without torturing them with bad writing.

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  1. If a book is not well written I lose interest and quit reading it. I like to ask my friends what books their reading and make a note of those they are really excited about. We only have so much time for reading so let’s be selective.

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