‘The Freddy Kreuger Dinosaur’ (2017)

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It would be easy, what with all the books and movies, toys and TV specials, to get the idea that experts really know what they’re talking about when it comes to dinosaurs. Easy, but wrong.

The Freddy Kreuger Dinosaur

The dinosaur pictured above, Therizenosaurus, is mostly guesswork. What they’ve got, all they’ve got to guide them, is a few scraps of broken bone, an extra-wide pelvis–live births instead of eggs?–and those extra-long, sharp claws. I haven’t read anything about live births in dinosaurs; it just struck me as an exciting idea.

Anyhow, as cool as this dinosaur is, the way scientists have reconstructed it, we really have no clear idea what it looked like.

We’ll have to wait for God to show us.


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  1. It’s real alright. I’ve chased several out of my yard, just this year. You’d think that they’d be fierce, what with those claws, but if you clap your hands, they will run away squawking. 🙂

    Just kidding, but it’s amazing to ponder these beasts and what their roles were in the ecosystem of the earth, as God initially created it. My personal take on matters is that God will eventually restore all things, entirely, and that not even one trace of Satan’s rebellion will exist. Some believe that the New Heavens and New Earth, promised in scripture, would extend to the level of all matter and all in the Spirit Realm. I neither promote, nor denigrate that view, but find it an interesting proposition and in keeping with making all things new, as mentioned in Revelation 21.

    As discouraging as these times can be, one of the things that keeps me going is the prospect of seeing creation as it was originally intended, and seeing the animal kingdom functioning as it was intended to function. I can’t believe that any of the animals God made will be left out and perhaps we will then fully understand the role that all of these animals, preserved only as fossils, played.

  2. The claws were obviously meant for back-scratching in that place in the middle of the back that’s so hard to reach when it itches. For a creature with short arms and a big body, the claws were essential. Note that this does not necessarily contradict the idea I came up with in the original post. Au contraire, it just shows that the salons doing nail extensions were not entirely frivolous.

    Anyway, I remain skeptical about all fossil reconstructions that are based on little more than a whisker and a toenail.

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