A Favorite Old Carol: ‘Pat-A-Pan’

I just don’t have it in me to write up any nooze this afternoon. It’s dreary nooze out there. Who really wants to read it?

Instead, I offer up this old Burgundian Christmas carol which, to me, conjures up memories of sitting on the floor by the Christmas tree and loving it–Pat-a-Pan, sung by the Stairwell Carollers. I think they’re singing in Burgundian. Why not?

Christmas is coming. Christ the Savior is born. Someday the dreary nooze will stop. Let Our Lord Jesus Christ reign in our hearts, and pray for Him to reign on earth.

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    1. I agree; Getting back to you with my statistics my blog has taken a hit this year too; last year I was at 195,804; this year I’m at 159,971. I’m not going to make it past 170,000 obviously so I think its safe to say its going to be 20K-30K short.

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