by Request, ‘Mary’s Boy Child’

This Christmas hymn request comes to us from Scotland, from Ina–Mary’s Boy Child, sung by Harry Belafonte.

I was sure I didn’t know this hymn, until the chorus came along. “Oh! So that’s where that comes from!” So now I know.

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  1. Oh, I always loved Belafonte’s voice, but hadn’t heard it in years, and actually forgot all about him. This is beautiful.

    1. Yes, Harry Belafonte’s voice is just beautiful, and I love many of his songs. “Island in the Sun” (“I see women on bended knees, cutting cain for their family.” I have sugar cain growing in my garden.), is one of my favorites. Sometimes I sing it when I am attending to the road I adopted, on another island in the sun, here in the Philippines.

      He does a wonderful rendition of “Mary’s Boy Child”. But for whatever reason, I really love the version done by Boney M. Their varied refrains in their rendition I could listen and sing them over and over…

      O my Lord
      You sent your Son to save us
      O my Lord
      Your very self you gave us
      O my Lord
      That sin may not enslave us
      And love may reign once more…

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