‘Incontrovertible Proof! Elves Are Real’ (2016)

Since I wrote this post in 2016, my copy of Tarzan at the Earth’s Core has inexplicably turned up–on my bookcase, no less! I guess the Elf was done reading it. Took him years, though.

Incontrovertible Proof: Elves Are Real!

All those little things of yours that go missing for no apparent reason… You might have Elves.

It’s better than having Gremlins.

3 comments on “‘Incontrovertible Proof! Elves Are Real’ (2016)

  1. Wasn’t there once a children’s novel, called “The Borrowers,” about little people who did this kind of thing? I seem to remember its being serialized when it was first published, and much later made into a movie.

    1. Yes, there was a whole series of these books, plus the movie (which I do enjoy). If you remember that old comic strip, The Teeny Weenies, you’ll get the idea of The Borrowers.

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