My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 16 (‘Hijacking Christianity’)

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For over 200 years, modern pagans have been living off the moral capital of Christianity. They want what Christianity has to offer, but they don’t want to pay for it.

Hijacking Christianity

Be it the “settled science” of Charles Darwin, or the glorified slob appeal of an antique popular song, “You Are a Child of the Universe,” they want God’s blessings without God–blessings handed down by no one in particular. Natural selection. The Universe. Ee-yi-ee-yi-oh.

(I based this column on Romans 8:28; but Romans Chapter 1 powerfully suggests itself: worshiping the creation, not the creator.)

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  1. I read your article earlier this morning. It’s an exceptionally powerful piece. I kept thinking of what Alexander Pope said of good critical writing: “What oft was thought but ne’er so well expressed.” Also Samuel Johnson: “Men need more often to be reminded than taught.” (Pardon me for going all 18th century on you this morning.)

  2. This is one of your best articles yet. You have really nailed it. Romans chapter one is one of my favorites for countering the bogus claims of unbelievers. They usually don’t have any valid refutations, and just turn away shaking their heads. Your article has given us more weaponry to fight the madness, so thank you.

  3. Understanding the fallen state of mankind is essential to orienting ourselves with regard to the problems of life. We live, ONLY, by grace. God is kind, even to unbelievers, but without understanding the fallen state of mankind, we can never hope to have perspective on the problems of life. All that God made was “good”, until sin entered the picture. We can’t even begin to know just what life was like at that time, but we know that humans could live comfortably without even clothing. Who knows just what God’s original plan was?

    Earlier tonight, I watched part of a YouTube video about a scientist who claimed to be a Christian. Then he decided to “prove” evolution, because of a broken gene in humans which also exists intact, in most mammals. In his mind, this proves that we evolved, because why would God create us with a broken gene that works in other mammals? Of course, he’s forgetting that we are fallen and have lots of brokenness within, because of that. As I write, I think of my many physical imperfections, and realize that I am functional, but far from what God intended when He created humans.

    Apart from discussions here at your blog, it has occurred to me that many people want to trade upon the benefits that Jewish and Christian people have brought to society. Just yesterday, I heard about a Christian man that married an Asian woman, only to find out that she practiced ancestor worship. I have heard of similar things happening when men have taken Russian brides, who will say whatever it takes to seal the deal, then, after the marriage is legal, they bring pagan practices into the home. This used to be a primarily Christian country, but these days, not so much. The benefits of a Christian culture should not be taken for granted. Amen, come quickly, Lord Jesus.

    1. They think they can keep the outside of Christian civilization while doing away with the inside. The result is a nice house with a curse on it.

  4. Powerful article – so well stated! So many key elements are hit upon. Natural Selection is just another false religion – why would creation evolve toward perfection? It makes no sense. Why has an impersonal force finally produced personal beings? Total stupidity to believe this . If there is anything I despise, it is the Theory of Evolution being used to explain Genesis chapter one.

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