Count the Kittens

This reminds me of the first night we brought Buster and Missy home to live with us. Excited kittens! And it wasn’t long before we were asking, “Are you sure there’s just two of them?” So count the kittens in this video! Betcha can’t.

And if these kittens don’t make you smile, better check and make sure you can fog a mirror.

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  1. While you guys were watching the kittens…

    here in the Philippines we just experienced another typhoon, almost to the day, of the one we had last December. Remembering last time, I moved our van. This time the flooding wasn’t as bad, however, unlike last time when there was no wind, in this storm the wind was howling like a pack of wolves. The power went out, came back on 12 hours later, but still at times, during the last few days goes off for a while. The water was off, came back a day later. As I write this, two days after, the internet is still down. Around town, a few large trees decided to become firewood, and laid down to be cut up. The internet is back…kind of…sort of…very very very slow…when its back…but goes offline a lot…

    During the typhoon, I began singing…

    Oh no, don’t let the rain come down, aw ha
    Oh no, don’t let the rain come down, aw ha
    Oh no, don’t let the rain come down
    My roofs got a hole in it and I might drown
    Oh yes, my roofs got a hole in it and I almost drown

    They have never fixed our leaking roof properly in the 12 years we have been here. During heavy rain, it always leaks. We complain, they come out to “repair” the leak, it holds for a short while, but always ends up leaking again. This time we had water dripping in all the usual places, and some not so usual. About six hours after the storm began, the rain began to let up a bit but not the wind. About then, our leak in the kitchen became a small stream. I wondered why it was starting to pour in.

    Sam looked at our access panel in the ceiling, and through a crack saw light. It’s dark up there, there is no light. The wind had ripped off a section of the paper-thin corrugated steel that made up our roof. Hunched over, I made my way to the 2 by 2-foot hole. Surprisingly, the piece of roofing was still on the roof, and I was able to grab it while being whipped around in the wind. I was really hoping not to get decapitated by its sharp edge. You can’t walk on the roof (unless you’re not bigger than a small cat), so from the inside, how was I going to attach this piece of steel, that’s waving around like a flag? I wedged one end under another piece of roofing and placed a large rock on it. That worked. But how do I place a rock (big enough so the wind can’t lift the roofing) on the other end to hold it down when I’m under it? On the other end, I was able to roll the roofing a bit, get my arm through the opening, and place a rock on top. The first two times the rock was not big enough. Each time I told Sam, “Get me a bigger rock.” The third time, the rock was almost too big for me to handle with one hand. But just barely, I was able to squeeze my arm through the opening, and place the rock on top, with only minor cuts, and being very happy, for my head and arm were still fully attached.

    After I talked to the owners about the 12 years of leaks, and the new skylight, I told them I wanted a new roof. It will be installed next week.

    That was the highlight of my week, how was yours?

  2. And there were some places here that had it much much worse, a lot of flooding. No one was killed around our place, but about 30 people were killed in other islands. For whatever reason, all storms that pass through our region are never as bad as those that hit anywhere else in the Philippines. Thank you, Lord.

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