Hillery She Wil Be Prestadint!!!!!!!!!!

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I jist heered the Gratest news i Ever herd “in” My lyfe!!!

Hillery she “Is” Goingto Be Pressadint!!!!!!!!!!

Jist a fiuw daze Aggo she gived her Innaugarasion Speach!! It terns owt she is Goingto mary Jobydin and “then” he will goe On vaycaysion to Chyner ware his son whorks and Hillery she “Wil” Taik Over! and be Pressadint!!!!

And aslo all Repubbicans thay wil has To “go to” Jale!!!

I know It “is” troo becose sumb boddy thay red “it” “to” me on The Intranett!!!!! and i whas So hapy i didn Know waht “to Do” whith My Self so i fowned a Nice Pare of Jim Sox and ated themb!!!!!! It terned owt that “was” somb gye’s sox he was jist abuot To “put” themb on so he Was “kyned of” Madd “at” me and do yiu Know waht he didded??? HE PINTCHED OFF ONE OF MY MOTH ANTENNERS!!!!!! Butt it whil gro back!!! it hurted a Lott “but” i was tooo hapy to cair!!!!

Nhow i thinck I “wil” Drinck somb Ovuleteen!!!!

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