This Weirdo Was a ‘Teacher’

What they teach, and the people whom they hire to teach it–well, come on: why are your kids still in public school?

One of those things they teach is “Critical Race Theory,” the doctrine that all white people are born racist and every problem in the world is your fault if you’re white. It enjoys public support only from the most addled white liberals–like this guy in New Hampshire:

‘I Hope You Get Skull F***ed to Death:’ Opponent of Anti-CRT Law Pleads Guilty to Threatening Lawmaker

See, if there’s anybody in your state legislature who’s against CRT, and votes to ban it, you, the, um, “teacher,” threaten that legislator and his family with grievous bodily harm.

Okay, he’s a nut. He last held down a teaching job in 2013. We are not told how he lost it, or what he’s been doing for the past eight years. Let us forbear to speculate.

But if he were the only wacko in the education system, they wouldn’t be teaching CRT from coast to coast–and sicking the FBI on any parent who objected to it.

Do you want your children “educated” by kooks like this?

13 comments on “This Weirdo Was a ‘Teacher’

  1. I see more and more of the people I know removing their young folks from school and taking on the task at home.

    1. I’ve never been impressed by the public schools, but these days, they are only worse.

  2. I’ve seen clips of school board meetings where the board members and teachers go into hostile rants that are sometimes frightening — and yet it’s the parents whom they call “domestic terrorists.”

    Another part of the Great Reset, raising up the howling mob to attack anyone who stands in its way.

    1. Please remember that in almost all these jurisdictions, any jidrool can be ousted off the school board by a quiet write-in candidate. It doesn’t take many votes to win those elections!

      No more friends and neighbors on your school boards–just addled white libs who despise regular people. They have to be voted off the board. And it’s not very hard to do.

  3. Our Arkansas legislation passed an anti-CRT law that goes into effect in 2022. Also, because of redistricting our seven school board members are all up for election in 2023, and our City Elders group already has a candidate for six of the seven districts!!

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