Waht i Whant foar Whinter Festivle!!!!

We has Out-lawred “that holladay” heer At Collidge and re-plaiced “it” whith a Inkloosift Hollday witch “we” caul Whinter Festivvle!!!!!! And this hear It “is” “the” Prezzint thatt i whant Obamma Klaws to bring me!!! Grate Garlloo!!!!!!

This heer is a Toy maid by Karl Marx!!!!!! Hoaow grate “is” that???

Layter that Day “we” whil “Awll” sea The Hand-Made’s Tail it “is” awol abuote haow Meen charischins Are!!!!! Thay fourst wimmin To “has” baybes!!!!!!!!!! You caint Get a Bortion enny moar!!!!! that is watt hapens wen yiu has Donold Trumpt beeing pressadint!!!

Yiu can uze Grate Garrlloo to nock daown Churtches!! He whil “Be” yore Slaive!!!!!

[And I, the Editor, had better get to work today! Let Joe wander off to distant regions of the campus. Maybe he’ll learn something.]

9 comments on “Waht i Whant foar Whinter Festivle!!!!

  1. I was going to speculate that Joe might find a lump of coal in his stocking, but I don’t think Obama Claus would want to have anything to do with coal. Maybe a piece of solar panel instead.

    1. Wasn’t that in the Illinois state Capitol building? Ohio has enough of its own problems without copying the lunacy of Illinois. 🙄

    1. Oh, Ina, I’m so sorry. May the love of God cradle and comfort you.

      Eternal rest grant unto Ina’s husband, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen.

  2. I’m very sorry to hear that, Ina. I can’t offer more than what you already know, which is that God will restore all things in His time.

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