The Whole Shebang Collapses (‘Oy, Rodney’)

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I knew this would happen. It was inevitable.

Violet Crepuscular has lost the thread of her story.

Last week we had Chapter CDLX of her epic romance, Oy, Rodney, dealing with a colossal match-fixing scandal in Scurveyshire’s Boxing Day Boxing Tournament, It looked like the entire shire was going to go backrupt. And there was still that business of the hydra and the jackalope.

And yet suddenly, inexplicably, we find ourselves at Chapter MMMMMCDLXIIXIX, somewhere around the year 800,000 A.D., with giant crabs dominating the landscape and humans forced to share cardboard boxes with their cats.

“Bet you never saw that coming!” Ms. Crepuscular cuckolds her readers.

This really is the limit. It’s not like Ms. Crepuscular’s is the most demanding audience in the world. Indeed, they are content with practically nothing. Just don’t let air out of their tires, and they’ll hail you as a literary giant.

Violet, you’d better get back on track or I’ll have no alternative but to shut you down, “Queen of Suspense” or not. The last thing I need is mobs of Oy, Rodney fans throwing stuff at my bedroom window.

Don’t you push this thing too far.

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  1. Oh, dear. Perhaps Ms. Crepuscular needs a long vacation in the country. We won’t specify which country.

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