‘After-School Satan Club’ for the Kiddies!

An elementary school in Illinois is hosting an “after-school Satan Club” for children 6 to 11 years old (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/01/school-satan-club-targeting-children-ages-6-11-illinois-elementary-school-sparks-outrage/). Parents are upset.

Oh, no (we are assured)–it won’t in the least be about teaching children to worship Satan! Why, it’s just another “educational program” provided by the Temple of Satan.

The school and its teachers have nothing at all to do with this, says the superintendent of schools. If they don’t rent out the building to whoever comes along asking for it, they’re gonna get sued. That’s what they tell us. We are at liberty to doubt whether this “rule” is equally enforced for all.

How many inducements to homeschooling do our public “educators” have to come up with? Why would anyone but a weirdo want his children “taught” in these schools? Just another “educational program.” And I am the Sultan of Swat.

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  1. Why is it the Satanists and atheists thing they are the most rational of all people? It is just the opposite, they are as irrational as can be. As I was changing our church’s marquis sign yesterday, a homeless lady came up to me and told me our God is a God of miracles. I told her I agree and the fact that we are even alive is a miracle (and she didn’t even beg me for money, which is unusual).

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