‘Nope, Nothing Wrong with Our Culture’ (2019)

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It’s winter, it’s terribly cold outside–so naturally you notice it when a naked man comes walking along. Is that his dog he’s walking? Well, he just turned around and bit the dog… He bit an off-duty FBI guy, too, before the cops could subdue him.

Nope, Nothing Wrong with Our Culture

There’s an awful lot of weird behavior going around, isn’t there? Were there always thousands and thousands of loons out there, or does our current culture breed them?

Like mosquitoes in a tank of stagnant water…

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  1. Marijuana has become mainstream over the last few years. It started with medical marijuana, and that opened the door to recreational marijuana. The question is how does marijuana affect its users. I would venture that the results are going differ by the individual. Biting humans, and biting a dog, don’t strike me as normal, or productive, behaviors. Was he so far under the influence of marijuana that he did that? That would be the implication of the story, although there could be more at play, such as methamphetamine or crack cocaine.

    In any event, recreational use of drugs doesn’t improve one’s judgment. I recall a character in a community where I used to live that smoked a lot of marijuana. Decades after moving away, I went back for a visit and ran into this fellow. He was no farther ahead in life than he had been 20 years before. He had a low paying job, which was basically an act of charity on the part of his employer; but his erratic behavior eventually ended with him being fired. Now he is of retirement age, and living on whatever Social Security he paid into the system. His options are severely limited at this point and not likely to improve. I know, firsthand, that he regretted his lack of accomplishment, but by then the drug had already done its damage.

    I contrast this with persons I have known that chose not to use drugs, have done much better. I have never smoked marijuana, and I’m glad that I made the choice I made … and it was a choice. I was offered access to marijuana, all the way back in high school. I didn’t pursue the offer, but it came my way anyhow. Actually, even in the relatively wholesome and prosperous suburb in which my parents lived, drugs were far from unknown, even 50+ years ago.

    My parents prepared me for the possibility of this challenge, from an early age. I knew that drugs were bad news, because my parents, especially my father, had made a point of informing me of the danger, from,a very young age. By the time I entered grade school, I knew about the dangers of alcohol and drugs. And, IMHO, that’s the best solution. The time to tell children about drugs is BEFORE they face pressure from peers. In my childhood, these subjects were brought up often by my father, and I was reminded of these lessons repeatedly. It sure beats the hell out of having your offspring walking around naked, biting both man and dog.

    1. I would say that Pot was only part of this guy’s pharma intake. Let’s put it this way, Pot probably didn’t improve this guy’s judgment.

  2. Growing up we never heard stories like this. I did hear of a guy exposing himself to women at the local market once. Today these weirdo stories are an everyday occurrence. The Islamic terrorist who recently held hostages at that Texas synagogue and was killed is now being reported as having mental problems – don’t they all.

    1. Just speculating here, but I think that this guy was probably on something a lot stronger than marijuana. I’ve heard of some bizarre behavior caused by methamphetamine, and I wonder if the situation in the article is something like that.

      Circa 30 years ago, I went into a music store and was treated very strangely by the clerk. I mentioned it to a friend and he told me that the fellow in question was a heavy cocaine user. This was a normal transaction that turned nasty for no reason, except that the guy was ultra stimulated by cocaine.

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