‘First, No “Best Friends” Allowed; Next…’ (2018)

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When did “school” turn into such a big mistake?

This was big Education nooze a few years ago–not to allow kids to have best friends anymore. That’s almost as cool as Gender Theory!

But if you’ve been waiting to see how the experiment turns out… well, our nooze media have dropped the ball again.

First, No ‘Best Friends’ Allowed; Next…

I don’t think humanists know what it means to be human anymore. Everything they do, and every thing they want to do, is so unnatural.

“Educating” ourselves right into the booby hatch…

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  1. Of all the foolish things done by members of the education establishment, this ranks at the top of the list. In the first place, who gave the schools authority to regulate the lives of students when they are away from school? Oh yeah, the schools have assumed this, for themselves. Secondly, have they given any thought to the value of childhood friendships? These friendships can be lifelong and treasured. Even when they aren’t lifelong, having close friends teaches children to be considerate of others and to adapt to differences. You’d think that the schools would be all over this, as a positive thing.

    While I’m no longer I touch with the friends I had as a child, I still treasure the memories. I learned from close friends and came to realize that different families had differing viewpoints, priorities, and customs. Once again, this is just the kind of thing the schools claim to want for their students, but it’s obvious that they place value only upon the life lessons that come from them.

    In retrospect, my school experiences were a mixed bag. A significant percentage of my teachers were good people with positive intent, and I can appreciate their individual efforts, but the schools themselves failed me terribly. My talent for math and reading was not cultivated, as I was required to do repetitive busy work in subjects I had long since mastered, and wasn’t allowed to learn at my own rate. My 12 years of public education could easily have been accomplished in 3 years, had it not been stalled by the constant interruptions and discipline problems that existed back then. It has to be much worse today.

    I wouldn’t recommend the school system to anyone, and the folly of prohibiting best friends is but one more example of how far that system has sunk.

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