Rape Cover-Up Gets School Chief Fired

Smith was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after the June 22 meeting where Ziegler allegedly lied. He said he was trying to contain himself after listening to school board staff say they'd never had a report of a sexual assault in a bathroom, when that is what his daughter reported weeks earlier

Herod’s Men arrest the father of the girl who was raped by the “transgender” student

The chief of staff at Loudon County schools, Virginia, has been fired (https://nypost.com/2022/01/20/loudoun-county-schools-boss-axed-over-transgender-scandal-reports/).

Why? Well, they had this transgender bathroom policy that was very dear to them, and a boy wearing a skirt went into the “other” bathroom and raped a girl. Oh, no. What to do? Oh, that’s easy! Send the boy to a different high school. Where he soon attacked another girl.

The only person arrested at the time was the first girl’s father. A court has since declared the boy a lifelong sex offender.

So Mark Smith, chief of staff, has been fired, and scrubbed from the school district’s website. Some see this as Smith taking the fall for the superintendent of  schools and other higher-ups–the ones who crafted the insane transgender bathroom policy in the first place.

You can protect your children from that and other lunatic school policies by keeping them out of public schools.

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