Minnie Mouse Gets ‘Woke’

Disney sparked outrage after debuting a 'new look' for Minnie Mouse - ditching her iconic red polka-dot dress in favor of a 'progressive' blue pantsuit designed by Stella McCartney

Boy, if Walt Disney were still alive, heads would be rolling in the Magic Kingdom.

The latest wokishness is to jettison Minnie Mouse’s trademark polka-dot dress and put her in a “sustainable”–what? what does that even mean?–blue pants suit. Maybe she’s joined Hillary Clinton’s “Pants Suit Nation.”

This is being done in honor of Women’s History Month. So much for the month of March. Every bellyaching pressure group gets a piece of the calendar.

Well, feminists, now your lives are better! Now they’ve been raised up to a whole new level. Just by putting Minnie Mouse into a pants suit. Huzzah. This makes everything right!

Even cartoon characters aren’t safe.


10 comments on “Minnie Mouse Gets ‘Woke’

  1. Many people are unable to distinguish between reality and fiction. Why would anyone even care what someone draws as the clothing of a fictional talking mouse?

    1. My lengthy comment on the Shakespeare hoax would be fitting. Just another belief system that attacks people because they think that if we only wish hard enough, and if everyone wishes the same wish, then they can wish their way into a perfect world.

      Some years ago, a saw something which frightened me. Shown to me by a person living in poverty, was a testimony of someone’s experience of wishing for money to come their way, and that wish coming true. This document explained just how to wish for something with assurances that this “really worked”. I was heartbroken, shocked, dismayed and even more than a little bit frightened to imagine that such misinformation was being distributed among persons in need. Instead of encouraging someone to take practical steps to better their situation, here was a document that would all but guarantee failure to anyone that believed what it said.

      I came from a family of modest means. Many, many times, I prayed that the old clunker our family relied upon for transportation would start so that my parents could get to their jobs. We had food, clothing and shelter, but little else. As a child, I wished for wealth all the time. If wishes could produce money, I would have been worth quadrillions of dollars while I was still in Grade School.

      Then, one day, I found the secret to prosperity, and it turns out that it reduces to hard work. I have a job today, because I am willing to work, and to work hard; it’s that simple. The job pays a respectable salary and I live within my means. I don’t expect some windfall and I don’t plan my finances in the unrealistic expectation that someday my ship will come in and money will become easier to come by.

      There’s no question that this world could be improved upon, but dressing a cartoon character in a pants suit will not bring about improvement in anyone’s life, with the possible exception of the pay that the artist received for creating the drawing. For the Disney company to promote this as significant only serves to show that they are grasping at straws, no less than someone that thinks they can wish their way into prosperity.

    2. In some of the tabloids, back in the 1960s, they used to advertise a “wishing helmet” which would make your wishes come true if you wore it. There are similar products on sale today.

      Hard work is a hard sell.

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