Public School Outrage Du Jour

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There is no way I’m going to illustrate this post with anything pertaining to its bizarre content. Here’s a nice bunny instead.

Today our weirdness safari takes us to the high-end town of Nutley, NJ–where (and I’m not making this up: why do I have to keep saying that?) a substitute teacher has been busted for masturbating in front of a classroom full of high school students (

But wait, there’s more!

This was his second offense. A month and a half before the encore, he went into his act for a roomful of middle schoolers.

What? He did this–and instead of being locked up somewhere, he got another teaching gig and did it again? How does that happen?

It happens because parents keep on sending their kids to public schools owned and operated and dominated by Far Left teachers’ unions, mentally diseased “education” theorists, and overpaid administrators.

Please stop doing that.

Minnie Mouse Gets ‘Woke’

Disney sparked outrage after debuting a 'new look' for Minnie Mouse - ditching her iconic red polka-dot dress in favor of a 'progressive' blue pantsuit designed by Stella McCartney

Boy, if Walt Disney were still alive, heads would be rolling in the Magic Kingdom.

The latest wokishness is to jettison Minnie Mouse’s trademark polka-dot dress and put her in a “sustainable”–what? what does that even mean?–blue pants suit. Maybe she’s joined Hillary Clinton’s “Pants Suit Nation.”

This is being done in honor of Women’s History Month. So much for the month of March. Every bellyaching pressure group gets a piece of the calendar.

Well, feminists, now your lives are better! Now they’ve been raised up to a whole new level. Just by putting Minnie Mouse into a pants suit. Huzzah. This makes everything right!

Even cartoon characters aren’t safe.


New Superman… is ‘Gay’

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I can’t bring myself to illustrate this. Here are some nice puppies instead.

Culture rot on steroids.

DC Comics has announced that its new Superman, the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, will be a homosexual with a “boyfriend” and will devote himself to “battling Climate Change” (

Can you say “Feh”?

How do you even satirize this junk? Even our comic books have gone completely feh. Are we that committed to teaching young people to be homosexuals? Why in the world would we even think of doing that?

Well, maybe this snazzy new marketing ploy will go straight down the drain–one can always hope. Marvel Comics turned The Mighty Thor into a woman with unwieldy big bazongas. How did that turn out? I never read comic books, so I don’t know and I’m not exactly on fire to explore the question.

How far does culture rot have to go before we don’t have a culture?