‘Ninnie Links “Climate Change” to “Income Inequality”‘ (2015)

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I think they forgot to send me an invitation.

Every year, this drivel comes oozing out of the World Economic Forum. Do they honestly think anyone believes them?

Ninnie Links ‘Climate Change’ to ‘Income Inequality’

We have Income Inequality because we have Climate Change, and we have Climate Change because we’ve got Income Inequality (and ableism, too; don’t forget ableism)–and the solution to the problem is bigger, richer, more powerful government! Like it always is.

No government has ever succeeded in making all its people rich. But many governments have made their people poor.

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  1. All these people wailing about “income inequality” — when are they going to start redistributing their own incomes to people around them who have less? And note that I said “to people,” not “to government agencies that give the money right back to them in the form of salaries, consulting fees, and honoraria”?

    1. The answer is Never. They want to redistribute other people’s money, not their own. It’s what makes them so thoroughly despicable.

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