Birdy Baby-Sitter

(I think I might’ve posted this once before, but my head’s like a sieve today.)

You don’t have to be a mammal to play cozy with a human baby. Look at the cockatiel: you’d think he took courses in it.

And don’t worry–there’s a cat on hand to supervise.

4 comments on “Birdy Baby-Sitter

  1. If that were my baby, there is no way I would have this. Those birds can be so fast, and unpredictable, I would not take a chance on this. The birds are so cute, and they look so harmless… my paternal grandparents had several cages full of tropical birds in their sun room, and they are fascinating, but still…

  2. It amazes me how animals are fascinated by human infants. It’s like they know that these are humans, but all to more fascinating because they are so little.

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