I Must Take a Break

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I’ve just received an invitation from Captain Nemo to reel off a few thousand leagues under the sea in the Nautilus; and I believe I’m going to accept.

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. The nooze is toxic, our culture is a neglected septic tank, the bad guys own our government, and here at Chez Leester nobody’s healthy. It gets to you after a while. I had a good idea for a Newswithviews piece, but I don’t have the oomph to write it… as the deadline looms.

Can I find a sunny spot and enjoy a cigar while the Nautilus takes us over Atlantis?

Let’s find out.

4 comments on “I Must Take a Break

  1. I pray you will find some suitable avenue to relief. I’m not well today either- don’t feel up to attending my womens’ Bible study and prayer group. Just have to lump it again.

  2. A sunny spot under the sea? Hey, it could happen. Meanwhile, do take a rest. T.S. Eliot got it wrong; it’s February, not April, that’s the cruelest month. Just know you’re being held in prayer.

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