I Must Take a Break

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I’ve just received an invitation from Captain Nemo to reel off a few thousand leagues under the sea in the Nautilus; and I believe I’m going to accept.

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. The nooze is toxic, our culture is a neglected septic tank, the bad guys own our government, and here at Chez Leester nobody’s healthy. It gets to you after a while. I had a good idea for a Newswithviews piece, but I don’t have the oomph to write it… as the deadline looms.

Can I find a sunny spot and enjoy a cigar while the Nautilus takes us over Atlantis?

Let’s find out.

‘Why We Crave Fantasy’ (2013)

I’m not talking about the kind of fantasy we have to wade through every day–Climbit change, universal free college, secular utopianism, blah-blah. All that depressing stuff that The Smartest People In The World keep pushing at us, if only we’ll just let them have lots and lots of power over us…

But there’s another kind of fantasy that’s good for us.