Nhow I Seene ‘The’ Lihght!!!!

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What a lexture we hadded Yeasteday!!!! The prefesser “he” sayed,, Iff yiu “lurn Nothin elce fromb” this heer Collidge “yiu shood awt “to” Lurn this!! Lurn this!!! alll staytmints thay Are Falce!”!”!”

Nhow i Undder-stand!!!!! Nhow i Get Itt!!!!!! Nhow it awl maikes cents!!!!!!! Every Thing “that” evry Boddy says,, “it is” Awl Lyes!!!! Exsept wen it “is” Socile Juststus! And aslo wen-evver Pressadint Obomma or Hillery or Jobydin thay says it–*=be cawse Even if Thay “are” Lyieing it “is” jist the saim As Trooth!”!”!! So yiu has To beleave themb Or Elce!!!!!

Somb Hater Biggit he sayed “Iff Evry Thing it is “a” Lie then Howcum Socile Jutstus it “Is” knot A lie Tooo???”? Butt fyve (5!) of us we beet himb Up!!!! Do yiu sea How thay Twissed evvry Thing?!

Ennyhow iff Evvry Thing is “is” “a” Lie then we doughnt has to Lissen “to” no-boddy, like Nevver!!!! And “that” is goood be cose moast Of “us’ we Hait Lissining!!!!!!!


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  1. Thus we have the logic of our times. This nonsense was around in the ‘60s, but taken seriously by only a handful of people, back then. Now it’s roared back and seems to have dominated the thoughts of many leaders.

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