‘Are You Getting Angry Yet?’ (2019)

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Step back just a little ways, back to 2019… and see what Our Beloved Rulers were doing to us before they had a pandemic to play with!

Are You Getting Angry Yet?

Since then: they’ve plugged their abominable Critical Race Theory into our schools and unleashed the FBI to spy on parents who complain–and of course we’ve all had the lockdowns and the masks and the shortages and Mandates out the wazoo. And don’t forget jacked-up gas prices and inflation!

“The Free World”–hah! That’s a joke. Canada. Australia. New Zealand. You’d have to be an archaeologist to find any freedom there.

Well, this is what happens when “government,” if you want to call it that, loses all its fear of the people.

We have to find a way to bring back their fear. May God show us the way.

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  1. Time after time, in the Tanakh, when Israel had strayed from God, adapted to the ways of the heathen nations around them, they fell into trouble so severe that they could no longer tolerate it, then they turned back to God in large numbers, sufficient to receive rescue by the Almighty. That is the pattern we have to follow if we would receive mercy

  2. We The People are getting the gov’t we deserve. How can there be a Christian nation when the Christians who have a Biblical Worldview are in the small minority? It can’t. We need to pray 2 Chron 7:14. We need to pray imprecatory prayers. We need to practice Mtt 6:33. We need to confess Christ’s Kingship as our Hope.

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