Is Biden Just an Old Caligula?

First this, a tweet made by SloJo during the 2020 campaign:

“Vladimir Putin doesn’t want me to be President. If you’re wondering why… it’s because I’m the only person in this field who’s ever gone toe-to-toe with him.” (

What did that instantaneously remind me of?


Here we have the insane Roman emperor, Caligula (John Hurt–greatest role he ever played), returning to Rome after staging a war against Neptune, god of the sea–which of course he claimed to have won, because he, too, is a God (it’s complicated). Then he displays the “loot” he took from Neptune: piles of sea shells. And Caligula chortles: “Loot from old Neptune! He won’t be in a hurry to take me on again!”

How delusional is Biden? Can he actually believe, even in his wildest fantasies, that Putin has any fear of him, or any respect for him? Not after Afghanistan, he doesn’t. No one does. “America? That’s where the top general in their army spends all his time worrying about white privilege and Climate Change–nothing to fear from them!”

When ya gonna give Iran nuclear weapons, Joe?

The Lord has a reason for giving us leaders like this. We had better find out what it is.

9 comments on “Is Biden Just an Old Caligula?

  1. The dominoes are lining up for the actions mentioned in Ezekiel 38. While everyone is fixated on the Ukraine, Putin is strengthening his position in Syria. He has ended his cooperation with Israel, which had allowed them to interdict supplies bound for Hezbollah via actions in Syria, so the pressure is cranking up.

    1. For certain. In Ezekiel, it speaks of God putting hooks in the jaw of Gog to lead him into invading Israel. Putin wants more influence in the Middle East and if he controls the Ukraine, he is better postured to project even more power into Syria. With Iran at the threshold of nuclear weapons, things could heat up fast and there could be a real free-for-all on Israel’s northern border. I believe that God is setting his hooks.

  2. “we’ve got the president we deserve” is what I’ve heard a few times now. So, why are we deserving a president like this? Over the past few years and mostly in casual conversations with friends and acquaintances I’ve noticed that history is not taken seriously and the reading of it is viewed as boring. American patriotism is played down as well. And our dear Lord has been relegated to the church building only. The Bible has been put away and in many homes the Bible has no place. So, we’ve got the president we deserve: a man who is way past his prime and who has never been a great lover of our nation. A man who is in politics for his own personal gain.

  3. The Russian people are not going along with what Putin is doing. Fraudulent Biden crippling our energy output and advancing Russia’s has gone to Putin’s head. Hubris is the worst of the seven deadly sins and Putin has it in spades.

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