Public Ed Strikes Again!

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At a public school in New York City recently, they put on a “holiday” show featuring a clever little song in which the vaxxed kiddies promise not to be friends with the unvaxxed ( Participation in these revels was, of course, mandatory.

The New York school system “is investigating.” Don’t hold your breath.

What? Public schooling is still here? Millions of people still send their children to these indoctrination camps?

People, where’s your self-respect? What kind of parent, other than a Far Left Crazy one, wants to leave their children to the tender mercies of these… “teachers”?

(Did I mention that New York City does not require school children to be vaccinated? But some “teachers” have taken this jihad upon themselves.)

Honk if you can think if any single innovation that has done as much damage to America as permitting teachers to form unions.


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  1. no honking here. Schools have been going downhill for years, and the downhill is getting steeper now.

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