Erasing Our Freedom

We Cannot Tell a Lie: The Danger of Misquoting George Washington |  Washington Crossing Historic Park

[See Why Tech Totalitarianism Threatens to Turn America into Canada or China Unless We Stop It, by Kara Frederick in The Federalist ( ]

So it seems that the glaringly misnamed Dept. of Justice is setting up a “terror unit” focused on “anti-government or anti-authority” sentiment. By which they mean anti-them and anti-their pretensions.

Have they forgotten how our country was founded? Maybe they simply don’t know. Let me clue you in, DOJ–the American colonies rebelled against both the government and the authority of Great Britain. We did not say “May I?” We did not wait for permission to set up our own country.

And the one that we set up, according to the Declaration of Independence, derived its powers from the consent of the governed. Do you see the difference? They, the freakin’ government, are the ones who are supposed to say “May I?” They need our permission!

But we seem to be drifting away from that lately, don’t we?

Yesterday was George Washington’s birthday. If he were alive today, he would be leading an army against the city that so unworthily bears his name.

Government and Big Tech are colluding to become our masters.

Give them your profound distrust.

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