My Newswithviews Column, March 3 (‘Viva Yo!’)

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Not only do they enrich themselves at our expense, snatching the food out of our mouths so they can have private jets. They’re also convinced that they’re entitled to it.

“Viva Yo!”

“Viva yo!” means “Long live me! I come first! Out of my way!” It is the credo of our ruling class–which includes our celebrities and academics, in case you haven’t noticed. They want the rest of us to stand in awe of them. ‘Cause they’re on TV! And they wouldn’t be on TV unless they were way better than us! You’re not on TV, are you?

God help us.

6 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, March 3 (‘Viva Yo!’)

  1. You nail it. Scratch the surface of all this and it comes down to a sense of entitlement and disdain for others. Viva yo says it perfectly.

    1. It’s a mutually parasitic relationship. It’s gotten so the nooze would not exist without fat-heads, and fat-heads would not exist without the nooze.

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