A War for No Reason?

Street fighting erupts in battle for Ukraine's capital Kyiv | Russia-Ukraine  war News | Al Jazeera

You don’t need me to report on the Russo-Ukraine War; there’s enough confusion already.

But see, I’m a political scientist, with a strong interest in military theory and history, and normally I know about things like this. But for the life of me, I have no idea at all as to why this war started, who was at fault, what the stakes are, who’s the good guys and who’s the bad guys–I don’t know!

Am I just a dope for not knowing these things, when our politicians and TV commentators seem to know all about them? They certainly are passionate about what actions they think America and her allies ought to take. Wack Putin. Send troops. Don’t send troops. Stop buying oil from Russia. Buy more oil from Russia.

After our fiasco in Afghanistan, the whole world–and especially the world’s bad guys–saw the weakness and sheer inanity of America’s leaders, and concluded that they can now do anything they want. As long as the chairman of our Joint Chiefs of Staff says his chief concern is White Supwemacy (or Climbit Chainge, depending on what side of the bed he gets up on), they knew they don’t have to take America seriously.

Unless SloJo sleepwalks us into World War III.

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  1. I believe things are all on course as the Lord has them planned. I read snippets written by ministers and Bible scholars who apparently have forgotten what the Scripture says of all this. I just hear this stuff and recall Psalm 2 and Psalm 146, and listen quietly, waiting for the plan of God to unfold. He is Creator of darkness and light. Isaiah 45:7

  2. I see two possibilities about this war:
    1. It’s a turf war between two thugs, or
    2. It’s a staged performance to further wreck the world’s economy in preparation for the Great Reset.
    Or then again, it could be:
    3. Both of the above.

  3. There’s no doubt more at play than we see on the news. The big question is why are the Dems\media\Big Tech\Big Business\Globalists so invested in this conflict? Why have the Democrats been so obsessed with Russia for the past 8 years? Well, in 2014 there was a U.S. backed color revolution that ousted the then pro-Russian Ukrainian president with a pro-Western Ukrainian president. Then we had Biden, and other politicians, getting their children involved in Ukrainian gas companies. Hunter’s laptop revealed ten percent was given to “the big guy” (i.e. Joe Biden). It seems to me Ukraine was turned into their own personal piggy bank and it’s where all their dirty little secrets are buried. You can see now why they care so much about it. There’s also several US funded biolabs in the Ukraine that may have something to do with it.

    1. The Russians say they’ve captured those labs.
      We can’t trust our “leaders.” Pray we find some way to replace them.

  4. Our God knows the ending from the beginning – He is already there! He knows from ancient times things that are coming to pass. It is all overwhelming to us but not to Him. His plan for creation is coming to pass. All history from the creation of Adam & Eve was headed to the birth, burial, resurrection and ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ. And from then on all things are headed to the Second Coming of Christ.

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