‘We’re Low on Luxury Meats. How About Some Bugs?’

Amazon.com: Soylent Green (DVD) : Charlton Heston, Edward G. Robinson, Dick Van Patten, Chuck Connors, Joseph Cotten, Cyril Delevanti, John Dennis, Jane Dulo, Morgan Farley, Tim Herbert, Cheri Howell, Roy Jenson, Paula

Wow. The price of beef is going up and up and up (along with everything else), and the demand for “luxury meat” is going down, down, down–because Democrats have saddled us with terrible inflation and a lot of us can’t afford stuff anymore. In case you weren’t watching, they did that by severing the Keystone Pipeline.

But not to worry! We plebs, we peasants, can still eat insects, weeds, and “lab-grown meat,” whatever that turns out to be (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/03/let-eat-bugs-americans-may-say-goodbye-steak-burgers-beef-costs-rise-bloomberg-news/). My guess is Soylent Green. And Soylent Green, as Charlton Heston discovered in the movie… “is people.”

The World Economic Forum says we should eat bugs and weeds, and they should know. I mean, they’re The Smartest People In The World. Look at the spectacular job they’re doing, running things.

Who ever dreamed things could get so bad, so fast?

Can you imagine the Obamas and John Kerry watching video of us peasants chowing down on cucarachas and caterpillars and just laughing their heads off? I can.

The only thing they’ve proved so far is that the entire global ruling class must be replaced… before they kill our civilization.

P.S.–I just noticed: the story of Soylent Green is set in the year… 2022. Uh-oh.

10 comments on “‘We’re Low on Luxury Meats. How About Some Bugs?’

  1. I sometimes wonder about what’s going into those fake meats, other than what they list in the “ingredients” labels — as though we can trust anything they print on labels any more, since the hocus-pocus with the so-called v@xxines. Notice how they’ve suddenly started using the term “plant-based” instead of meatless or vegetarian. Maybe they mean plant as in factory, maybe a soylent green factory, hmmm?

    Okay, so I’m half-joking sarcastically about this. But only half. (Okay, maybe three quarters.)

  2. Another sad thing in this regard is that the farmers and ranchers are not realizing any of the profit from this shenanigan. They work themselves silly raising the animals, with all that entails, and realize no big price increase, and now with the fertilizer situation, it is going to get even harder, if not impossible for them, while “someone” is getting all the benefit.

  3. My husband and I for awhile had been vegetarians during the early years of our marriage. And even when we began adding beef, chicken, and fish into our diets, we still had a few meatless meals during each week. In order to get the right amount of protein and nutrients I had to do a lot of reading on the subject. We’ll probably go back to more of a vegetarian lifestyle because we just can’t afford the meat prices. And where we live at in our state boneless chicken breasts and tenders are getting hard to find except for the pricier brands. We are not vegans so we use lots of dairy as well as nuts, grains, legumes. I think we’ll be all right unless peanuts go up in price.

  4. “Soylent Green” was a mind-blower. So was the “Twilight Zone” episode where aliens landed on earth and gave humanity a book in their alien language twhich gave instructions on how to improve life. At the end of the show the title of the book had been deciphered – it read “How To Serve Man” and it was a cook book.

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