‘Journalism? What Journalism?’ (2018)

Image result for images of children with we stand with parkland t-shirts

Still wondering who paid for these

Remember the Parkland School shooting? Some nut did it, some wacko that everybody was afraid of but whom The Authorities completely ignored until he started shooting students.

And that, said our Free & Independent Democrat Toady Press, proves that no one in America should be allowed to own firearms! And to make doubly sure we understood, they rounded up a bunch of children and gave ’em T-shirts.


Journalism? What Journalism?

When my father was a boy, there were no school shootings. None. But a lot of kids had guns in their lockers, so they could enjoy a bit of target practice on their way home.

It ain’t the guns, folks. It’s the depraved culture–for which we have leftids and their useful idiots to thank.

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  1. Of course. It is the deteorating society that creates the chaos; not the inanimate object.

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