Why Do You Send Your Kids to Public School?

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I can’t stand to illustrate this post with anything pertaining to its abysmal content. Here are a couple of happy puppies instead.

Well, now, look at that–another public school outrage. I thought they only popped up on days that end with “y”.

This one’s from a middle school in Kinnelon, New Jersey: where they had lessons on transgender hormone “therapy” (God help us)–required for all, no opting out–an assembly featuring some wacko who’d had the hormone blockers–

And all of it without a word of notification to parents.

The superintendent of schools: “No comment.”

Don’t you think we now have more than enough examples of this kind of “education,” thousands of them, to err on the side of caution and simply not send your children to any public school, anywhere? How many of these examples do you need? They are pushing “transgender” on your children.

If everybody did what public “educators” say they should do, there’d be no human race. We would die out in just another two or three generations.

Public schooling, and especially the teachers’ unions and the teachers’ colleges, needs to be shut down. It’s killing our culture. We can’t afford it anymore. Why do we consent to our taxes being used to turn our children into lost souls?

Save our society. Kill public education.

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  1. I believe with all of my heart, that Satan is in opposition to all aspects of the human race, and especially to reproduction. This agenda is exposed at the schools, but goes much, much deeper.

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