Absolutely Amazing Historical Trivia

Great Pyramid of Giza - Wikipedia

In what may be the earliest-known April Fool’s prank, Thutmose III compelled the priests of Amon to skateboard down the north face of the Great Pyramid (the usual practice was the south face)–without telling them about the pool full of crocodiles at the bottom. That was a real knee-slapper!

Anyhow, here are a few little-known facts of history you can trot out to amaze your family and friends.

*Alan Hale, the actor, was the real Prince of Wales. He didn’t like to say so.

*Professional wrestling was originally a religious ritual practiced by Lutherans.

*Carnivorous rabbits–described as “furry piranhas that live on land”–are increasingly a problem in Australia.

*In 1998 the undeclared and largely unnoticed war between the United Kingdom and Portugal was resolved by a friendly game of bridge. Portugal won the game and was awarded ownership of Wales.

These mind-boggling historical tidbits are brought to you by Acme False Facts Inc. We guarantee all our facts to be 100% untrue.

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  1. Was it one of those carnivorous rabbits that chased after Jimmy Carter’s fishing boat in 1979?

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