‘The Dirtiest Political Ad Ever’ (2016)

A disgusting ad, truly representative of the Democrat Party

We’ve been through some pretty raunchy political campaigns, haven’t we? But compared to the schiff the Johnson campaign threw at Barry Goldwater in 1964, Trump and Clinton were exchanging love-notes.

The Dirtiest Political Ad Ever

(Note: I’m way late for everything today because of the #$%$^ computer update.)

Yowsah, yowsah! Goldwater’s gonna blow up the world, we’re all gonna die! Even the cute little girl in the ad–Goldwater’s gonna get her killed. And everybody else, too!

And y’know what? A lot of people believed it. They wound up very, very, very disappointed in Johnson for his bobbling of the Viet Nam War. Barry Goldwater would’ve had to work very hard to do as bad a job.

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