A Loud Breath of Fresh Air!

(Good grief! Look how young Chuck Connors was when he played the Rifleman! I swear he used to be older than me…)

Don’t you wish, sometimes, that someone would come along to clean out the cobwebs?

Just for fun, try counting the number of shots Chuck gets off in 20 seconds. I know, I know, we’re not allowed to talk about guns, we can protect our freedom just as well by engaging in a meaningful dialogue, blah-blah…

But that makes for a really lousy Western.

5 comments on “A Loud Breath of Fresh Air!

  1. When I was about 11 and my brother 10, we’d go to our uncle’s home who lived on a farm and shoot trap with him and our dad. Imagine that, two young boys shooting a shotgun.

  2. How did you score at trap? I wasn’t much bigger than an 11 year old back then. I really liked it because I always got a high score, and kinda blew the minds of the men in the competition.

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