A Loud Breath of Fresh Air!

(Good grief! Look how young Chuck Connors was when he played the Rifleman! I swear he used to be older than me…)

Don’t you wish, sometimes, that someone would come along to clean out the cobwebs?

Just for fun, try counting the number of shots Chuck gets off in 20 seconds. I know, I know, we’re not allowed to talk about guns, we can protect our freedom just as well by engaging in a meaningful dialogue, blah-blah…

But that makes for a really lousy Western.

Bonus Video: ‘The Rifleman’

This always cheers me up–genuine 2nd Amendment TV, vintage 1958: The Rifleman, starring Chuck Connors. Liberals really hate this! Like, imagine this guy showing up at some college campus. Run for the Play-Doh!

See if you can count the shots.

A Blast from the Past

Sorry! But I couldn’t resist this blast from the past (lots of blasts, actually)–former National League first baseman Chuck Connors as The Rifleman, a classic TV Western from way back when. I wonder what would happen if you showed this on a college campus today.

Two questions for trivia buffs:

How many shots does the rifleman get off in just this brief intro?

And what was Chuck Connors’ real name?

(P.S.–His lifetime batting average was only .238, so quitting his day job wasn’t a problem for him.)

How to Protect Your Town from Homicidal Maniacs

Back in the 1950s, Chuck Connors in The Rifleman showed us how it’s done. Try counting the shots he gets off in 20 seconds–and that’s not even a semi-automatic rifle.

I forget the name of the town The Rifleman lived in; but something tells me MS-13 wouldn’t flourish there. It looks like it would be a very bad idea to go there to make trouble.

Something also tells me that if you brought this show back on the air, liberals would howl and normal people would just flat-out love it.