A Question of World Government

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Everything that happens, anymore, is taken as proof that this fallen world needs global government. Pandemic? Global government’s the answer! War breaks out in Europe? Proves we need a global government!

That is to say, a global government run by globalists. Who else? They’re not going to all this trouble just to please the plebs! Most globalist big shots are also charter members of the Far Left Crazy. We don’t want to be so cynical as to suggest they’re just using the Left to get what they want–and then watch out.

But how do you govern this mess? What kind of government can extend the usual favors to “gay” activists, feminists, and trannies, while at the same time governing the Islamic world, to whom all that progressive stuff is pure poison?

[Raises hand and waves it frantically] Ooh, ooh! I know! I know how they’ll govern leftism and Islam!

Step One: Make sure the new world state is firmly seated in the saddle.

Step Two: Use overwhelming military force to betray both the Left and the Muslims. Make sure to crush them thoroughly. This approach worked very well for Rome, Assyria, and other empires throughout world history.

Step Three: From time to time, make an example of one group or another, savagely repressing them so that all the others understand that the global government means business.

There! What could be simpler? Of course world government will work! All you need is fear and violence–and a lot of people are very good at those.

2 comments on “A Question of World Government

  1. I would suggest that the very same people offering the “solutions” are the same ones causing the problems. For example, the Biden regime has done everything possible to handicap our domestic energy production. So when gas prices inevitably rise, they can say, “See, this is why we need eclectic cars and ‘green’ energy.” Here’s another food for thought. Is it a coincidence that Fauci, Obama, and Bill Gates all predicted a pandemic before it happened?

    The problem with global government is the same for big government in general. Too much power concentrated in too few, all wanting more and more control over our lives. The Founders were geniuses in that regards. They understood human nature and the need for separation of powers. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  2. All the nations of the world have signed on to the United Nations Charter, written by the way by a communist, Alger Hiss. We already have a global system and fraudulent president joe biden loves the NWO, the Great Reset, and Build Back Better. Hey, he was just able to pass a No Lynching law!!

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