‘America Without Us’ (2016)

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It is said that small-town America is amazingly resilient. God knows it has to be.

We put the “US” in the “USA”!

America Without Us

Without us–without our neighborhood stores and small businesses, our churches, our families, our willingness to get up each day and go to work–how long would this country last? How long would it take Far Left Crazy and their brainless Useful Idiots to turn America into a desolation?

Pray we never find out!

2 comments on “‘America Without Us’ (2016)

  1. Excellent comments. Mid town America was a glorious place when I was growing up. It was safe, prosperous, friendly and just a great blessing. I don’t like to think of what it is now.

  2. Karl Marx despised people who lived in the country and small communities. He wanted everyone in the city where mass psychosis could more easily be achieved – “you will rent everything and be happy.”

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