Happy Birthday, Erlene!

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Before we do anything else, let’s wish our friend Erlene a happy birthday! As you can see, the Quokka Birthday Committee is already making plans for a massive Clue game to celebrate the day. We also have this great statue of Erlene, but no one is allowed to take a picture of it.

Many happy returns, Erlene!   –Byron the Quokka and the Rest of Us

7 comments on “Happy Birthday, Erlene!

  1. May you have a blessed birthday, Erlene, and many blessed birthdays to come! We love you dearly and pray for you always.

  2. Thank you all so much. I didn’t know my birthday was known, but it is nice to hear from you all – including the quokas. I hardly know what to do with myself, since I am not feeling well enough to even attend my church service this morning, but the Lord is with me here.

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